Leg Swelling

Leg swelling generally occurs because of an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the lower extremity. Leg swelling can occur in any part of the legs, including the feet, ankles, calves and thighs. Abnormal buildup of fluid in the ankles, feet, and legs can cause swelling. Leg swelling is a more common symptom of vascular disorder.

Spider Veins

Spider veins are small, damaged veins that can appear on the surface of the legs or face. Spider veins are usually not painful or harmful, but some people may wish to treat them for cosmetic reasons. Spider veins and varicose veins are different forms of a medical condition called venous insufficiency. In the legs, both conditions result from having weakened or damaged valves in the veins. However, the two issues have different symptoms.

Varicose Veins

We Help You Resolve The Issue Of Varicose Veins. Varicose veins are swollen, dark blue or purple blood vessels that you can see and feel beneath the skin. The vessels that develop are larger and therefore more prominent when problems occur and form when the valves within a vein weaken and allow some blood to flow backward. The vein weakens under the additional strain and balloons outward, bulging under the skin surface. This venous disease is characterized by twisted cords of veins that bulge above the skin’s surface. Common areas in which varicose veins occur include the calves and thighs.

Venous Insufficiency

Venous insufficiency occurs when your leg veins don't allow blood to flow back up to your heart. Normally, the valves in your veins make sure that blood flows toward your heart. But when these valves don't work well, blood can also flow backwards. Venous insufficiency can cause blood to collect (pool) in your legs.

Reticular Veins

Reticular veins are noticeable veins that appear below your skin, but don't usually protrude from your skin. Some of the most common characteristics of reticular veins include: Color. Reticular veins are usually blue or purple in their appearance. Reticular veins are a type of varicose vein which can be effectively treated using called ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy.