Which Vein Treatment Is Right for Me?

  • May 06, 2022
Kate Winslate

As with any decision you make about your healthcare, it is important to make an informed decision when choosing vein treatment. Safe, effective vein treatment options are more numerous than ever before, and we understand that sorting through the choices can be confusing.

Each of our effective treatments involves closing off the vein in some way, which allows your body to redirect your blood flow to other, healthy veins. This alleviates any discomfort caused by the varicose vein. Once the vein no longer has blood flow, your body slowly absorbs it, making it less visible.

Endovenous laser ablation treatment uses an ultrasound-guided laser fiber, which we insert through a small incision into the affected vein. The laser precisely heats the inside of your varicose vein, which causes it to close off.

Similar to laser ablation, Radiofrequency ablation treatment uses radiofrequency rather than laser energy to heat and seal the vein. There are some distinct differences between radiofrequency and laser ablation, however. Your Vascular & Interventional Associates provider can discuss them with you and help you determine which treatment is best for you.

Ultimately, you have several options for addressing unsightly and unhealthy varicose veins. To further explore our treatment methods and to find out which is best for you, call Abacoa Podiatry and Leg Ven Center today or book your appointment with us online today.

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